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ROBOTIS STEAM Edutainment (K-12)
STEM / STEAM Edutatinment Pipeline for K-12

STEAM Edutatinment Pipeline for K-12

Robot kits and STEM toys for education. Use our Selection Guide to pick the right kit for your student based on the programming and included components.

What educational robotics kits does ROBOTIS offer?

Software Legend

R+ Design
R+ Design:
Interactive, 3D-animated, assembly manual
Mini App
Mini App:
Mobile Application used to control the ROBOTIS MINI
R+ Task
R+ Task:
ROBOTIS Proprietary GUI & C++ Based Programming Software
Engineer App
Engineer App:
Mobile Application used with the Engineer Kit
R+ Motion
R+ Motion:
Powerful tool for creating, visualizing, & downloading motions to your robot
Play 700 App
Play 700 App:
Mobile Application used with the PLAY 700 OLLOBOT Kit
R+ Scratch
R+ Scratch:
Proprietary Software based on Scratch
R+ Manager
R+ Manager:
Manages the Controller & Dynamixel devices, Used to update & reset the firmware.
R+ Block
R+ Block:
Proprietary Software based on Blockly